Day 31: Werner the Boxer (for Heist)

It's the LAST DAY of the challenge! I'll miss it.

This is a character for the German rpg Heist. It is more GTA than Ocean's 11. I am still learning the system.

Werner grew up in the Hausbruch neighborhood of Hamburg, and never really liked school. There was a lot of that going around, and some kids relieved the boredom by bullying young Werner. He was neither thin-skinned nor particularly violent, but he got into many fights and finished all of them. That got him thrown out on his ear.
Werner got a job with a demolition company and, through one of the older guys, a membership in a boxing studio. His rise as a pugilist was slow and steady, but somewhere down the line it became his job.
Werner won several fights simply by keeping standing. He wasn’t a knock-out punch kind of fighter, but he never went down. In the end that was what sealed his fate.

After simply forgetting about a sparring match, and noticing an occasional tremor in his arms, Werner went to see a doctor. This sawbones sent him on to a specialist, who told Werner that he was down for the count: he had CTBI.
The neurologist painted a vivid picture of physical and cognitive decline, and Werner left in a black mood. This was the reward from eating all of those punches to the head! Werner went on a bender.

It was while eating breakfast at a “standing café” that Werner ran into Berk Gökçe. Werner knew the guy from the old job. Berk was said to have connections among Turkish gangsters, and always seemed to be flush with cash.
“I could use you for a job,” Berk said. “Nothing crazy. You just have to look like you’re ready to break someone’s face - kinda like you do now”. By the time it took to eat a second bread roll with salami, Werner had agreed.
Type: Watchdog
Tier: 1

Motivation: To get some serious money for my old parents while I’m still able to wipe my own ass.

(How do you behave in normal situations?): #independent. I like to make my own decisions and follow my instincts.
(How do you behave when under pressure?): #angry. I am not proud of it, but I look for a part of the problem I can punch.

Body 2 Mind 0 Social 1
Vigor 0 Might 2 Prowess 1

Calm (soc+vig): 1
Presence (soc+mig): 3
Influence (soc+pro): 2
Willpower (min+vig): 0 (composure. 2)
Intellect (min+mig): 2
Wits (min+pro): 1 (initiative: 3)
Endurance (bod+vig): 2 (resilience: 4)
Physique (bod+mig): 4 (movement: 6)
Coordination (bod+pro): 3

Assets (4)

Skills: Fight, Observe, Strong-arm

Perks: Danger Sense: +1/+2 to avoid being #surprised at the start of a conflict.
Boxing: Roll one extra die for hit location in close combat and choose.

Gear: smartphone, nice leather jacket, not-gold chain, beater car (Opel Kadett).

Dad #obligation Mom too, but she's fairly spry. Dad needs care, and care costs money.

Berk #themanwiththeplan He is my best bet for now

Culpa Inkasso GmbH #thefuckingenemy I haven't been smart with money. I bought mom a car, dad a place in a home, so many rounds of drinks. Now they want their money. Phone harassment, repossession, the police... no blow is too low (boxing humor).


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