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The Miracles of Reaper and Lil Fiend (possibly part of a series)

(Another post inspired by one of Evlyn Moreau's illustrations. Support her patreon . It'll do you good). If you’re from around here you have seen this pair. Graffiti-artists love painting the working stiff grim reaper with the larged-eyed imp perched on her head. Scholars say they symbolize the unpredictability of life and the grim certainty of death. Others say they’re just unlikely friends. More and more people say they have seen them out there. Resting by the batting cages at sunset, keeping lumbering pace with a speeding Lexus, or coming out of the neighbor’s house as you rush to catch the bus. Used with permission. If you’re from around here you won’t be surprised that people have begun pertitioning them for aid. If you have Death and the Devil on your side you’ve got it made, right? Murder, she gloat This miracle is the perfect symbiosis between the gravity of Death and the cruel mischief of the Devil. Everyone in a city-wide radi

I know what ghosts want

...I know what haunts like Ahem, here's a table for generating a job ghosts might want your player characters to do. D20 Job (Ghost) 1 “(Faction) evicted me from my haunt. Help me get it back”. 2 “I cannot find rest! I will haunt you until you help me”. 3 “Ghost hunters are hunting me. Get them to go away” 4 “I am fading from existence but I’m not ready to go”. 5 “I would pay to feel in possession of a body again. Could you procure one?” 6 “Avenge my death!” 7 “I need you to see that my dependents are safe” 8 “My remains aren’t properly buried”. 9 “I escaped from a great black engine underground, but my ghost-kin are still toiling in there”. 10 “My love is still a