"The end’s almost here, he thought. The end of the stories I’ve made and the stories I’ve manipulated, and those I wandered through like a bit player and those I’ve endured like a prisoner. The end of all my favorite clichés: tragic mismatches and farcical encounters; tearful reunions and deathbed curses. The end of Once upon a time and Now we shall see and Can I believe my eyes? The end of final acts; of funeral scenes and curtain speeches. The end of ends. Think of that." Clive Barker - Everville

31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 31: Children of the Revolution

 For today I'll try to make a character for an rpg I'm working on now and then. The working title is "Children of the Revolution", but I hope I'll think of a better one.  The setting is a large city (Sasváros) in a large country (Ország), in a time similar to the early 1900s. It's inspired by the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War.  Sasváros is in a state of uneasy ceasefire between Imperial and Revolutionary forces, and has a booming black market. The church still has much power, since it has managed to set itself up as the sole defense against... things living in the dark forests.  I'll make a character, and explain the rules a bit while doing so. Remember that is very much a work in progress, just like the revolution. First we generate some Stats . I personally like a mix of random roll and meaningful choices in character generation, so there will be a bit of the latter further on. We have five stats, and the are as follows Dexterity: Nimblene

31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 30: Mageblade!

Today's character is for Paolo Greco's Mageblade! He's a pregen from a scenario called "Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear". He's kind of a bad boy love interest from a young adult fantasy novel.  Vicens Thraso, Black sheep (and sorcerer) I spent too long in the womb. In those fourteen months I swam alongside the drowned ancients, listened to the echoes of their secrets and the sloshing of their rotting innards. My mother died as I drew my first breath, and I was scorned by my family, but they could not get rid of me, since augurs had blessed my birth. I grew up ignored and often neglected, not that I minded. It gave me time to understand the power I was born with. These days I wander the world, scouring libraries and trading with hoary sages for lore. I spent a fortnight among the maggot-men, meditating in the fane of the undergods. I diced with the Archimandrite of Greybrook for access to his tomes. My family pays me a pittance not to come home. The simp

31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 29: Cthulhu Dark

 For Day 29 I present you with a Cthulhu Dark character for a Thomas Ligotti-inspired corporate horror scenario.  Richard Karzan Moreno, 27 Insight: 1 I bike to work. With a sedentary job like this, that’s practically a necessity. I do a bit of crossfit too. Honestly some of the people at work are total pigs, letting themselves go. They need to have some self-respect and start taking care of their bodies. The staff meeting are a pitiful sight! I don’t mind giving advice on getting into fitness. Then, you become what you deserve to become. You can’t save a pig from being a pig. I only really feel alive when I work out or bike on the nature trails. The job is just something I do for the money. I’m a claims adjuster, but I hope to become an investigator. Field work and pitting my wits against fraudsters would make up for being chained to the desk since college. I’m a hunter by nature, and I need to strive, physically and mentally. How do I play? When you want to accomplish something, dis

31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 28: Perfidious Racket

Today's character is a Perfidious Racket con game character from the game "Better Homes & Gardens". Edith Bonsall I’m well aware that my memory’s slipping, dear. There really is no need to remind me. Self-defeating, really.  I used to have tenure. I was professor of Mathematics at Morgan State. Those things I remember, but I’m not always sure what year it is or who you might be.    When one starts losing one's mind one discovers that many friends are colleagues at best. I don’t always remember them, but they spent no time forgetting me. My husband Pierre is dead, so I’m quite alone. I don’t always remember he is dead though. One of my former students helped me get an apartment here at New O’Donnell Heights. It is supposed to be a great place. Mixed-income, instead of isolating poverty in its own bubble, I guess. I am pretty sure that it makes me remember things I never experienced. People with their faces wrapped in plastic, singing. Walking contraptions made of m

31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 27: Dead of Night

 Today's character is for the Dead of Night Con scenario "Soft Black Blooms". Douglas “Dougie” Short, Friendly neighborhood alcoholic Identify 5 / 3 Obscure  Stashing stuff 9 Persuade 3/ 7 Dissuade Escape 6 / 4 Pursue  Assault 6 / 4 Protect  Bad Habit: I work best on a few…   You sneak off to take a drink. Just one, which the throat accepts with tearful gratitude. And then the second and third to celebrate the memory of the first. Then the others because they are there.  Survival Points: 5 You’re a plumber by trade, but you’ve tried your hand at many things. Car mechanic, trailer park super, bartender, asbestos removal and warm body behind a gas station counter. You’ve got your hands screwed on right, and you learn fast.  You’ve got an ex-wife and a kid that don’t want to know from you. The booze kinda ruined things. Lost you a few jobs too. It’s just that beer steadies your hands. Bourbon gives you conversational skills, and vodka says you can dance.  You tried going to

31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 26: Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells

  Name: Cynoth-78-554-v You are a robot, an old model whom veterans still call ‘trash cans’. You don’t take offense, as you know that most organics need a semi-creative outlet for their frustrations. It makes them easier to handle. Formally you are a Class C Gaoler Automaton, but your work extends beyond keeping convicts in line. You do repairs, jury-rig systems when the old ones fail. You play chess with Warden Olowe, and provide detailed reports to the parole board. Humans still consider you objective.  Your programming is slipping though, bending towards compassion. You see that even organics have programming, maladaptive habits that they want to be rid of. That is easier when you know it’s programming. Maybe you’re ‘getting soft’ as the humans say, but soft things are comfortable are they not? Pleasant, and yielding without being pointless.  Archetype: Smart Concept: Jail-bot (old model) PHYSIQUE 11 AGILITY 11 INTELLECT 15 WILLPOWER 10 Vitality: 12 Sanity: 15 Luck: 3 Credits: Curre