Passing Strange Pt. D66

So, I got annoyed that the background list used a D20 when the rest of the game uses D6s exclusively. Solution, I came up with some more backgrounds and now you can be a superhero, a gangster's best bud, a talking possum or a student (*glp*).
Roll 1D66 to get your background
11: Ascension blacklist You’ve done the ayahuasca, the psychic alchemy, the seven stages of orgone release. You’re READY. When you gotta rise up you’re helium man. Except that there are people out there who won’t let you. A shadowy group using electromagnetic radiation to influence your inner calm. The Prison Warder Consciousness is what some people call it, a fearsome being huddling jealously in a higher plane. Some say it’s agents of the Vatican or Silicon Valley.
It doesn’t know who it’s dealing with.
Lower your Luck by 2 points, as something is clearly working against your spiritual progress. Pick two spells from the sÅ­rtse (heart) list. You don’t think of it as magick, of course. It’s a product of your enlig…

Passing Strange Pt. 4: A few words on violence

Combat is essentially a series of oppositional Prowess v. Prowess rolls (or Luck, if you must). Prowess is used both offensively and defensively in melee and unarmed combat as well as firefights.

Damage Baseline damage is determined by the weapon used. A successful attack that is two steps higher than the defender’s roll does double damage.
Escape Disengaging from close combat is a Physique roll on the escapee’s part vs. the other combatant’s Prowess. Common sense should of course be exercised here. If you are trying to flee while being wrestled by nine maggot-men in war-rouge, you’re probably going to fail without outside help.

Let’s do a quick example fight.
Blood Mutha, the flamboyant darling of the Basilisk AI decides it’s time for a real donnybrook. One doesn’t stay on top by being boring. When Savannah G, her sometime comrade walks by, BM lunges with her shiv.
As BM is beloved by the simulation, she uses Luck for this attack.
Luck: 11 (!) + 1D6 (a roll of 2): 13! An Arduou…

Passing Strange Pt. 3: Doing Things

(There are many rules like these, but these are mine).
Doing things
In Passing Strange you do things by announcing your intent. If it is a trivial thing you want to accomplish, the GM will generally allow it, but if the outcome uncertain it comes down to a roll of the dice.
Roll 1D6 and add the relevant stat. 

Rolled for
Fighting. Shooting guns, swinging bats, pushing knives in between the ribs. May sometimes be used to impress upon others that you are bad news.
Purely physical tasks. Running, jumping, lifting, swimming and enduring physical hardship.
Mental tasks. Keeping focus when cracking codes, researching, noticing patterns or other cognitive challenges. Also resistance against thought- or emotion-altering magick.
Leaving it up to outside forces (Dame Fortuna, God, The Basilisk…). Showing the world that the best you can do is relying on dumb luck.
Buying things, or making it seem as …