31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 26: Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells

 Name: Cynoth-78-554-v

You are a robot, an old model whom veterans still call ‘trash cans’. You don’t take offense, as you know that most organics need a semi-creative outlet for their frustrations. It makes them easier to handle. Formally you are a Class C Gaoler Automaton, but your work extends beyond keeping convicts in line. You do repairs, jury-rig systems when the old ones fail. You play chess with Warden Olowe, and provide detailed reports to the parole board. Humans still consider you objective. 
Your programming is slipping though, bending towards compassion. You see that even organics have programming, maladaptive habits that they want to be rid of. That is easier when you know it’s programming. Maybe you’re ‘getting soft’ as the humans say, but soft things are comfortable are they not? Pleasant, and yielding without being pointless. 

Archetype: Smart

Concept: Jail-bot (old model)





Vitality: 12

Sanity: 15

Luck: 3

Credits: Currently none

Recovery roll: 1D6

Species ability: Cynoth-78-554-v is a robot. Their cybernetic bodies make them resilient

to most conditions that are harmful to biological beings but also make them vulnerable to specific hazards machines may face. Their mechanical bodies are equipped with many tools and weapons customized to each individual, effectively making them capable of having twice as

much encumbrance limit compared to other characters. 

Special Abilities

● I Can Fix This:The Smart, somehow, always knows what's wrong or can always find a way to make some kind of emergency repairs. In game terms they always halve the Difficulty when making repairs to technological devices and when making Combat Jury Rigging, they add their Level to the amount of Hull points recovered.

● I Made Some Improvements: With some time, appropriate tools and creativity The Smart can make improvements to technological objects. When spending a number of hours determined by the Overlord (based on the object’s complexity) they can make a minor improvement like the ones below. The character can have a number of active improvements equal to their Level.

o Gain a Positive Die when using the device.

o Improve the damage caused by the weapon by +1 per die used (1d6

becomes 1d6+1, 2d6 becomes 2d6+2).

o Increase the range the object can affect by one increment (close to

short, short to medium, and so on).

o Other minor improvements the Overlord deems appropriate.

● Machines Speak to Me: Ancient technology is hard to understand but The Smart has a better chance to understand it. When trying to understand how an ancient technological device works the character receives a Positive Die.

● I’ve Read About This: The Smart also specializes in various fields of knowledge from engineering to xenology and many other subjects in between. These fields grant a Positive Die when making knowledge tests relating to them. Cynoth’s expertise is the penal system, its protocols and technology. 

Current gear:

Built-in comms

Built-in searchlight

Built-in Adesina & Rigel Slugthrower 

Five pairs of dura-plast manacles


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