31 Days Character Creation Challenge Day 29: Cthulhu Dark

 For Day 29 I present you with a Cthulhu Dark character for a Thomas Ligotti-inspired corporate horror scenario. 

Richard Karzan Moreno, 27

Insight: 1

I bike to work. With a sedentary job like this, that’s practically a necessity. I do a bit of crossfit too.
Honestly some of the people at work are total pigs, letting themselves go. They
need to have some self-respect and start taking care of their bodies.
The staff meeting are a pitiful sight! I don’t mind giving advice on getting into fitness. Then,
you become what you deserve to become. You can’t save a pig from being a pig.

I only really feel alive when I work out or bike on the nature trails. The job is just something I
do for the money. I’m a claims adjuster, but I hope to become an investigator. Field work and
pitting my wits against fraudsters would make up for being chained to the desk since college.
I’m a hunter by nature, and I need to strive, physically and mentally.

How do I play?

When you want to accomplish something, discover a secret, or investigate something, you roll
(six-sided) dice.
- One die if it is within human capabilities
- One die if it is within your occupational expertise (As a claims adjuster you are good at
getting information on people, essentially performing tasks that the company would normally
hire a P.I. for. As a fitness nut, you might get the extra die for things requiring stamina or agility).
- Your Insight Die, if you will risk your mind to succeed.
Your highest die dictates how well you do.
A roll of 1 gives you the barest minimum of information. What you need to succeed, and
nothing more.
A roll of 2-3 gives you most of the available information. 4 gives you everything a competent
person could discover.
A roll of 5 gives you all that, plus something more. You remember a rumor, a news item, or a
related superstition.
A roll of 6 gives you all of the above, AND you experience something beyond human
knowledge. You learn something uncanny, threatening, and mystical. This will often mean that
you have to make an Insight Roll.

If your Insight Die shows the highest result, you must make an Insight Roll.
You can only fail if someone decides to roll a Failure Die against you. You fail if the Failure
Die’s roll is higher than your highest die roll.
If you fail, and you included your Insight Die, you may roll again. If your failed roll did not
include the Insight Die, you may reroll if you include it.


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