31 Days Character Creation Challenge! Day 01: Into the Odd


So, this is the first day of the challenge! 

Around the campfire sits a disheveled group of people. It's a sorry specimen, that fire. They ran out of wood pretty quickly and resorted to burn the strange debris so common around the foothill. The stuff is grey, light, and quite without use or beauty. When lit on fire it tends to melt, releasing a grey, chemical smoke.

The man who is currently in tears from the wafting miasma is Elkvan. Elkvan Murr of the Mudnook Murrs, not that anyone outside that miserable hamlet would recognize the name. 

Elkvan had three options when he came of age. Become a mud-farmer like his ma and pa, become an ascetic and take up residence in the large depression that's either a star-crater or a titan's footprint (depending on what kind of ascetic you are). Making off one night with the family's pet eagle Ditmar, Elkvan chose the third option, enlisting with one of the Failed Cities' brave militias. General Selk's Star-Blessed Legion gave him a uniform (now tattered beyond salvation), a rifle, a mace, a vial of poison (should he get captured by the hated Silver Lunar Patrol) and an allowance of beard oil (all gone). 

After the first week our hero had blisters on his feet the size of an infant's head. He had been in two lacklustre skirmishes, ate more beans than he could count, and toyed with the idea of deserting and becoming a dragon slayer, a milliner to the rich, or something. 

What did he use the beard wax for?

In the end the decision was made by a cowardly gas attack. The filthy Silver Lunar Patrol knows no honor, but they sure know how to seize an opportunity. Elkvan got separated from his platoon, and subsisted on roots, grubs and puddle-water for a week, until he encountered the entity called Grobelaar (to be continued).

Elkvan is a man of about eighteen. He is skinny, scarred and somewhat dependable. His life is a series of brief enthusiasms, followed by boredom and regret. That will change when he finds his true purpose, or so he says. He will try anything once, or almost once. 

Elkvan Murr

STRength: 10 DEXterity: 7  WILlpower: 8

Bucks: 4 Hit Points: 6


Rifle (d8 B), 

Mace (d6), 




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