The Knights of Luilekkerland

The following is a knightly order for Paolo Greco's Mageblade! rpg. I think it's an overlooked gem. I was reminded of the game because Paolo recently put out a third magical grimoire which may be used with the game.

The Knights are people of leisure, lovers of good food and drink in ample measure. They are a ruddy-faced, pot-bellied lot who would probably perform all their heroics at the feasting table, if it were not for the pull of Luilekkerland.
This place is sometimes called Cockaigne, Schlaraffenland or simply the Big Rock Candy Mountain. It is a place where fine libations flow in streams, sweets grow on bushes, and where quail fly into one’s mouth already roasted.
While questing for this layabout's paradise the Knights will save the enslaved, slay dragons and brave moderate discomfort.

Sleep After Toil, Port After Stormy Seas: The Mageblade draws a circle which protects 1d6+Focus number of people from bad weather and wandering predators and vermin.
Fortified by Gateau: This Devotion Summons a scrumptious cake which tastes great and refreshes (Focus) number of people’s Mana and Luck.
Circle of Comfort: When stepping into this circle the caster+Focus number of people regain 1d6 hit points, and immediately gain the effects of a meal and a good night’s sleep.
The Slugabed’s Curse: Affects one target who will immediately flee from unpleasant situations (like work or combat) for (Focus) number of turns. The target will favor food, rest and softness to all other things. The target can save after one turn, if they have not found any of the above.
The Dream Vintage: The Knight may distill a dream (their own or that of a willing participant) into a liqueur which gives disadvantage on all Wisdom rolls for (Focus) number of rounds. During this time the drinker isn’t fully real, and may walk through walls, on water or even on air. No running though.
Belphegor Enslaves Ye All! The demon prince of Sloth works his pestilent will through the Knight. 1d6+(Focus) number of creatures are affected. Their movements slow to a crawl, and they will eschew most strenuous activities in favor of sitting down. They will only do the minimal effort to perform their duties. This cannot be cast while in combat.
Farewell Happy Fields: Visits the effects of starvation, thirst and sleeplessness on Focus number of targets. It does 1 point of damage on the first turn, and doubles each turn after that. A Save is allowed after one point of damage is taken. Banes: Demon, Divine, Human. Blademagic: The Mageblade can designate one target as food. Against this target their attacks do double damage. Lasts one turn.


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