[Day 25] Theistr, the Charnel House Giant

Theistr, the Charnel House Giant

Scholars have deduced that giants must have been a mistake by a careless god. While they are not bestial by nature, they need such great amounts of food that they often go cruelly hungry in their formative years. This under-nourishment makes them weak of mind, in addition to being ravenous.
Furthermore the giant physique seems a poor fit for this world. They are too large for any real interaction with humans, and animals tend to flee them. Ginats stub their toes on boulders and unknowingly tramples the fences and huts of humans, leading to enmity between them and us.
These are the reasons that giants are nearly extunct, and that those who live on have grown twisted in their ways.

Theistr is such a giant. He dwells in theValley of the Unfortunate Undead, in one of many charnel houses. Standing up straight he’d be six meters tall, but he is bent and hunched from his cramped living quarters. His face is long with a constant hanging lower lip.
Theistr mainly feed on the undead that hare so abundant and easy to catch in the Valley. Although he seems to be mostly immune to their various afflictions and curses, but his diet has wrought a more permanent change in his blood.

Theistr amuses himself by making sculptures from the yellowed bones of victims and from the charmel house itself. He’ll often sing nonsense rhymes to himself as he works (not an uncommon habit among giants)

Vim vam bex!
A man with five legs!
Yet he won’t run,

And similar inanities. Sometimes the necromantic energies of the Valley animates them and they may be found staggering around the charnel house in grotesque processions.

Hp 20, Morale 7, thick hide +d2, club 1d10
Special: Due to his size, Theistr iseasy to hit in combat: attacks are DR10.
When Theistr’s bloos is spilled on exposed skin, the person hit must make a Toughness roll (DR14) . If the roll is failed, the affected body parts begins growing to giant size in a day’s time. This causes a loss of 2 Agility points and a frankly freakish appearance. Maybe gnome blood is an antidote?

Skeleton sculpture (animated)

Hp 7, Morale 9, no armor, Bone club 1d4
Special: Attacks on them with piercing weapons are DR14. Any strike doing 5 or more damage
destroys the skeleton completely.


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