The Freeshooter

A calling ('character class') for The Gathering Gloom.

The Freeshooter

You were never much of a hunter, which meant that you were a wallflower at best, and a target of cruelty and scorn at worst. You turned to books, to knowledge, to pursue things that did not involve bringing home a twelve-point buck or a brace of rabbits. That was until you met Sofiya the game keeper’s daughter. She was funny, curious, and did not mind that you could not hit the broad side of a barn, let alone a mallard in flight. Her father was another matter. You asked for her hand in marriage. He laughed. Then he spat.

That was when your readings took a darker turn, and one night you found yourself in Wolf’s Hollow, waiting for Samiel, the one that some call the Black Huntsman. He appeared as a handsome man with a clubfoot. Samiel offered you the magic bullets, but warned you: ”some are for thee, and some are for me”. Since then you have become a master huntsman, and you are to be wed to Sofiya come Christmas. Felling the dark thing that troubles the village now will not be much of a challenge. After all, the Devil guides your aim.

Starting HOPE: 6
Starting CERTAINTY: 1

Indulging: ”...and some are for me”.
In order to regain HOPE, the Devil must be given his due. Your character must fire a shot, which will go where Samiel wants it to go. The Black Huntsman has a brutal and often juvenile sense of humor. He wants to see the wise look foolish, the powerful brought low, and the innocent broken. Most of all he wants to remind humanity that they are just animals, as they dance and writhe in their own blood and shit. Be creative. If The Black Huntsman approves you gain 3 points of HOPE back, but also a point of CERTAINTY.

This new HOPE feels different. It is a hope that the worst is over, that this horrid act will please the Devil, and that the punishment that must follow will bring redemption.

From Carl Maria von Weber's 'Der Freischütz'

Base Skill: Deceive (this means that you are already Skilled in Deceive before distributing any points).

Distribute three points among the following skills (putting two points into a skill means that you have Mastered it).

Used for oiling people up, wooing, flattering and making a good impression.

Used for lying, bluffing and telling tall tales.

Used for withstanding physical injury, trauma, pain and poison.

Used for stauching bleeding, setting bones, performing field surgery and applying poultices. A Physick’s trade

Putting the fear into people. Convincing people that doing what you say is the better option.

Used for withstanding mental anguish and the loss of HOPE.

Knowledge, of things in books, in far-off lands, or known only to the initiated. A good Scholar roll may bring CERTAINTY, with all its dubious blessings.

Special: The Devil’s Bullets: Your character is not much of a shot, and cannot choose the Shoot skill to start with. However you but cannot actually miss a shot, as long as you increase your character’s CERTAINTY by one with each meaningful use of your rifle.

Punching, slashing, piercing and doing violence face-to-face.

Finding clues, footprints, spoor and remnants of folk, beasts, and less wholesome entities.

Noticing danger before it is too late. Staying alert despite cold, fog, night and bone-chilling terror.


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